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The ebay bidding is done and all my cards have been sold, thanks to those who took the time to read this and those who headed over to bid!

Hello all! I've donated some art sketch cards for 5finity's "March of Dimes" fundraiser again. You can purchase any of the 5 cards I created on eBay here:


Harry Potter:…


Wonder Woman:…


Please donate if you's for a great cause and you get a snazzy card by me! :) Thanks all!

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Hello all!

I'm finally back to using my Instagram account and have been updating more frequently - especially with quick sketches. 

You can follow me here:

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Commission work anyone?  Note me here on deviantART or email me at if interested!
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Got back from Seattle and Emerald-Con this past Monday.  It was the first time there for my husband and I, and we loved it!  What an awesome convention.  It's refreshing to be at a convention where the comics and art are the top priority.  We had a blast walking back and forth and back and forth through all the halls, artist alleys, exhibits, etc.  My husband went as Jimmy Olsen, which was fitting since he's a natural ginger.  I highly recommend going to anyone who really wants to meet some amazing artists and some amazing writers.  One of the highlights for me was meeting the amazingly talented Amanda Connor and having her sign my "The Sequential Art of: Amanda Connor" book.  I also went to a spotlight panel on her which was really fun and personal.  All in all, a great experience and a wonderful pre-anniversary vacation with my husband.  We headed into Seattle early and checked out some of the sights.  Had seafood at Pike's Place, toured the EMP and Chihuly Garden and Glass Museums, and had a delicious dinner on top of the Space Needle while we gazed down upon the city.  Now, back to reality ;)
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Happy new year to all!  I hope you all had a great holiday break and are looking forward to 2014 :)  My goal is to be posting more artwork this year.  I've had some interest in commissions, and as usual, they're open...just note me here or email me at for more info.
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Check out my "" Blog for more frequently updated sketches that aren't shown here at deviantArt.

Thanks all!

Commissions open, let me know if anyone is interested :)
My newly organized, up-to-date website is ready for viewing! My hope is that with this new service I'm with, I'll be updating more frequently. Check it out at Thanks all!
...are open.  Note me for details and prices :)


:iconjfmstudios:  -  Full-Body Character Commission (Completed)
Commission for JFMstudios by Anamated
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I really want to move these pieces and I have some debt I need to get paid off, so if you're interested in any of these pieces at their new prices, please send me a note here on deviantART, thank you!!!


Traditional and digital commissions for sale!  Let me know if anyone is interested...reasonable prices!  Note me or email me at if you're interested and want a quote :)  I also have traditional sketch cards and art for sale. (More coming soon)

The following artwork is one-of-a-kind originals, meaning I'm not making prints of them.  That being said, the prices are as follows (includes shipping and handling):

SKETCH CARDS (Original/Traditional) $15 each
Ginger Pride sketch cards by Anamated     Ginger Pride Sketch Card Set2 by Anamated     Wonderland Sketch Cards for sale by Anamated

6" x 8" MARKER SKETCHES (Original/Traditional) $25 each
Molly Mayhem marker sketch for sale by Anamated     Chelsea Cutlass marker sketch for sale by Anamated     Destructive Dalia marker sketch for sale by Anamated

Sea Witch Bargains marker sketch for sale by Anamated     Alice Out of Time marker sketch for sale by Anamated     Little Red and Big Wolf marker sketch for sale by Anamated

Harley Quinn New 52 marker sketch for sale by Anamated     Kim Possible 6x8 for sale by Anamated     Power Girl Bust 6x8 for sale by Anamated

Aeon Flux Bust 6x8 for sale by Anamated     Sydney Savage Bust 6x8 for sale by Anamated     Feb- Sketch-A-Day 2: Retro Space Gal by Anamated

9" x 12" MARKER SKETCHES (Original/Traditional)
Brave 9x12 art for sale by Anamated ($35)     Danger Gals marker sketch for sale by Anamated ($40)
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Looks like the bidding is over!  Thanks to all those who bid and purchased :)  You can check out the cards I did here:
March of Dimes sketch cards 2012 by Anamated

Let me know if any of you got one of my cards...I like to know where they end up :)

Thanks all!

Hello all,

The trading cards I did for "March of Dimes" have been posted up on ebay (I wasn't sure of the date and just found them today.)  It looks like 6 out of the 12 that I contributed have already been purchased (and 2 more have been bid on). The 6 that are left consist of: Ms. Marvel, Starfire, The Powerpuff Girls, Black Canary, Powergirl, and Faye Valentine (although both Ms. Marvel and Black Canary each have a bid on them already).

Please check them out if you're interested...they're original art pieces by me and all money goes to the "March of Dimes" foundation via :icon5finity: thanks!

Follow the following link to view my cards for sale on eBay:…

I'll be posting images of them in my gallery within the end of the day.
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These are my two return cards for the Zenescope and :icon5finity: "Wonderland" sketch card series that were sold for a limited time at Comic-con this past summer.

Wonderland Sketch Cards for sale by Anamated

Both of these are up for $sale$, so please let me know through a comment or note if you are interested in purchasing one or both of these cards, thanks!

These pieces were created by me, Ana Rollins. "Wonderland" series belongs to Zenescope.

Hello all!

Anyone interested in some sketch card commissions?  I just finished up 5finity's and Zenescope's "Wonderland" series as well as 5finity's "March of Dimes" for this year and I'm on a roll!

I'm also selling the following sketch cards for $25 each as part of my "Ginger Pride" sketch card series :)  This price will include a thick plastic sketch card cover slip as well as shipping :)

Ginger Pride sketch cards by Anamated

Ginger Pride Sketch Card Set2 by Anamated

First come, first served!  Please note me here on deviantART if anyone is interested.  You can make payments to my paypal account at


The following sketch cards were created with copic, pitt pen, and prisma markers on 2.5" x 3.5" Bristol cards.

These sketch cards were created by me, Ana Rollins. Characters belong to their respected owners.
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Anyone interested in character prices are decent so let me know!  I'd love to work on some fan favorite characters :)


Note me here if you're interested ;)
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It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day last Saturday in Northern California when me and my hubby tied-the-knot in front of all our family, friends, and loved ones.  So excited to be married to my best friend :)
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I really needed to clear my last journal since it's been months and it was bugging me, lol!  

I'm expressing my joy in writing, since I can't wait to be married to my honey next month, it's so exciting!  Gotta make sure all the details are in order, and as an artist, everything needs to be in the "right place", haha.  What's fun is it's going to be a giant party with all the people, family and friends, who mean the most to exciting!
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Hey all,

Just had to express my excitement for being listed in Comic Alliances' "Best Art Ever (This Week)" for my "Question the Sandman" art piece.  You can check it out here:…
(I'm the first one listed)

Just thought I'd spread my excitement, being the nerd I am, lol!

Thanks for listening ;)
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Per usual, I'm open for commissions, be it OC or fan characters, or larger scale let me know and we can discuss a price (I'm pretty reasonable)...please feel free to look around my gallery and if you like a particular style of a piece, let me know...thanks all ;)


:iconrawien:  --- Jekyl/Hyde DONE

:iconcooper3: --- OC Katie DONE

:iconcooper3: --- OC Scott DONE

C'mon people, any more!?!?  I love doing these, I love all the unique ideas/characters that you all have ;)
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I just had to express my happiness at getting engaged this past Easter boyfriend (of almost 5 years) proposed to me and now I'm all excited about wedding plans.  Just thought I'd post the good news! ;)
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Hey all,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on what I've been up to.  Been working on some really cool album artwork commissions, which have been a blast.  I'm still taking commissions, so let me know if you're interested (browse my gallery for examples).  

Also, I can not wait for Wondercon this excited!  Let me know who all else is going to be there and if you'll have a table in artist's alley.  

Other than that and working full-time I don't have much else going on.  I hope to get some more pieces up here soon, since the updates have been lacking.  And that be all ;)

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Hey, does anyone know of a good, reliable site to get buttons printed?  I'd appreciate any insight, thanks ;)

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I needed to get rid of the Christmas journal since it was sooooo 2010... ;)

I'm still taking commissions, so let me know if you're interested with a note, thanks!
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